Renowned problem solvers
Many years of complex system design and development
Strong Source excels at providing clients with the absolute best in technical consulting, often rescuing troubled projects through innovation and extreme attention to detail. Strong Source's clients recognize our ability to learn their technology almost instantly and contribute immediately. We pride ourselves on customer service, often going the "extra mile" for our clients.
Strong Source also offers unrivaled technical recruiting and placement. If your organization needs to staff-up quickly or is having trouble locating qualified candidates, we can help.
Call us today to see how.
why choose us?
uncompromising performance and service
Strong Source exists to make our clients' lives easier. Whether you're looking for help on a project or need to staff your engineering team with high-quality people, Strong Source can help.
  Proven expertise in all aspects of engineering and product development.
  Direct access to many high-quality candidates
  The experience to know and listen to what is important to our clients
Project Management
Placement & Recruiting
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