Expert technical consulting
have a particular need that your team can't provide?
Our consultants provide instant expert-level consulting and contribution no matter what the project.
Having a true senior-level consultant bring years of valuable experience to your team gives everyone a morale boost as well as giving your team expert guidance. Whether you need advice on a particularly difficult problem or need well-qualified engineers to help finish a project on time without any hand-holding, Strong Source can help. Call us today!
Benefits of expert-level consulting
When certain projects demand certain niche skills or experiences, a consultant can be brought in on relatively short-notice to complete a specific project that otherwise may not be available within the existing internal staff.
Experienced consultants are typically very productive from the “starting block”, as they are generally seasoned to adapt to very fast-paced environments, and are familiar with getting up to speed quickly, and with minimal direction.
technical recruiting and placement
Great engineers are rare. Let us help you locate one!
Our engineers and recruiters have built a sizable network of engineering and technical professionals. We have the ability to quickly source excellent engineers, project managers, technicians and more.
  From an accounting standpoint, consultants can reduce corporate head-count, while allowing hiring managers a means to satisfy the resource needs of their projects.